25th NSPM - brief english version

25th National Solar Physics Meeting, 20 - 22 October 2020, Hurbanovo, Slovakia  


Important note: due to the rules announced by the Slovak Public Health Authority related to the spread of COVID-19 and the limitation of the organization of mass events, the 25th NSPM will be organized online. Registered participants will receive further information on access to a virtual meeting room by email.


Slovak Central Observatory in Hurbanovo organises the 25th National Solar Physics Meeting which will be held from

20 to 22 October 2020 by online form.

The goal of the Meeting is to present new results of solar physics and from the field of the Sun-Earth connections,

to provide overview of present status in selected fields of solar physics and geophysics.

A separate space will be devoted to the presentation of research results of undergraduate and PhD students

of university and academic departments and also to results of scientific and popularisation activities of Astronomical

Observatories in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. Invited talks, short contributions and posters should

cover the following fields: physical phenomena in the solar atmosphere, solar activity, total solar eclipses,

space weather and geoactivity.

The SCO plans to publish Proceedings of the meeting with presentations in PDF format on CD/DVD and at our webpage.



  • Slovak Central Observatory, Komarnanska 137, SK-94701 Hurbanovo, Slovakia;

tel.: +421 35 2451115 (I. Dorotovič, direct), e-mail: ivan.dorotovic [at] suh.sk


Local Organizing Committee:

Ivan Dorotovič (chairperson), Eleonóra Hodálová, Anna Lovászová, Ladislav Pastorek, Marián Vidovenec [SCO Hurbanovo]

  • Solar Section of the Slovak Astronomical Society of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • Solar Section of the Czech Astronomical Society



Scientific Organizing Committee:

Ivan Dorotovič(chairperson, SCO Hurbanovo (Slovakia) and the Solar Section of the Slovak Astronomical Society; Elena DzifčákováAstronomical Institute of ASČR Ondřejov (Czech Rep.); Peter Gömöry, Astronomical Institute of SAS Tatranská Lomnica (Slovakia); Ladislav Pastorek, SCO Hurbanovo (Slovakia); Michal Sobotka, Astronomical Institute of ASČR Ondřejov (Czech Rep.) and the Solar Section of the Czech Astronomical Society; Fridrich ValachGPI SAS Bratislava - Geomagnetic Observatory Hurbanovo (Slovakia).


Scientific Program of the meeting:


A detailed scientific program can be downloaded from here.


Book of Abstracts