Scientific Observational and Research Department

- performs and coordinates observational and scientific research activities of observatories in the Slovak Republic in the field of solar physics, interplanetary matter, variable stars eventually other specializations,

- solves own research tasks in the field of solar physics and radio meteors,

- participates in scientific research work of other institutions at national and international level, organizes and coordinates national and international events, performs consulting for institutions and individuals whose activities are related to scientific observational and research mission of the department,

- raises direct contacts with other legal entities and natural persons in Slovakia and abroad with a purpose of astronomical information exchange, scientific stays, organisation of expeditions etc.

Address: Komárňanská 137

SK-94701 Hurbanovo

Slovak Republic

tel: ++421/35/2451102, fax: ++421/35/7602487


  • vladimir.calfa
  • peter.dolinsky
  • ivan.dorotovic
  • eleonora.hodalova
  • ladislav.pastorek

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